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GSPT early bird special

Good Evening,

I am presenting to you tonight what appears to be an interesting ground floor opportunity in an uprising sector, as well as one of our members’ favorites… The Early Bird Alert.

With the “vaping” industry becoming more and more of a popular trend these days, it’s no surprise that this technology is now being introduced to the alcoholic beverage consumers.


Golden Star Enterprises Ltd.




As of April 2014, Golden Star Enterprises Ltd. has been doing business as “Vapor Spirit”, the business of designing, manufacturing and marketing high quality alcohol vaporizers which are self-branded using custom unique glass and metal designs.

Vapor Spirit allows drinkers to vaporize alcohol creating a truly new and unique consumption experience whereby the drinker will inhale the spirits rather than drink it.


Over the years the alcohol industry has grown to be very complex with many new products, but nothing has truly changed the industry the way Vapor Spirit has. This is the first device that has transformed the way alcohol is consumed.

Just as this vaporizing technology has generated booming businesses for the “smoking” industry with the electronic cigarettes and flavored vaporizes, Vapor Spirit could be at the forefront of the “next big thing” in alcohol consumption!


Vapor Spirit claims the advantages of this new inhaling of alcohol are the reduced calories, enhanced flavor and the reduced “burn” of drinking. “You get the same effect without the headache afterwards.” (from the company’s website)

GSPT’s Vapor Spirit product line is perfect to use with a large variety of spirits in social settings, making it a desirable option for alcohol companies, retail stores, restaurants and bars to work with. The products will help increase and add to the current revenue stream of its distributors and consumers in the alcohol related industry.


As an “Early Bird Alert” we urge you put GSPT at the top of your radar for the remainder of this week. Any outside interest from the public could really heat this market up in a hurry.

Stay tuned for more updates on GSPT, and in the mean time start your research tonight by reviewing the company’s website and recent news announcements.


Trade Well,





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AEXE is new Brilliant Penny Stock !

Hello Brilliant Members,

Time for a day trade play ! How about a play that is thinly traded and comes with higher chances of larger gain ?

My New “BRILLIANT” Alert is

AEXE – Aim Exploration Inc. 

 Aim Exploration Inc. (AEXE) is a Beverly Hills, California headquartered company with operational offices in Manila City, Philippines . Aim operates as a junior mining company focusing on global mining and exploration. The company currently has two existing projects, a 40% interest in a Feldspar mine located in the Philippines and an Anthracite coal project located in Peru. The Feldspar mine is currently producing and is undergoing upgrades for expanded production. The operation is controlled in a Joint Venture with Paladino Management & Development Corp. The Anthracite Coal project AIM owns and controls through its wholly owned subsidiary Aim Exploration Inc. is considered to be a high grade Anthracite Coal mining property in the Alto Chicama basin, in the province of Otuzco in Peru. Aim SA acquired these rights by purchasing these assets from Percana Mining Corp (Percana SA), a Peruvian corporation.

  • With a nice plump 47 cent share price, and a meatier market cap, AEXE may be able to avoid the “gap trap” and deliver on the monster gain potential we all want to see.
  •  The stock doesn’t trade very much, and I believe thinly traded tickers have a higher chance of being capable of making a larger move.

Previous & Present Activities

The assets encompass 1,000 hectares of mining concession property consisting of three sites of 600, 200 and 200 hectares respectively. Percana SA initially acquired these properties based on indications of the presence of high grade anthracite coal. Illegal artisan miners have started operating multiple one-entry mines on the property, which further indicates the presence and mine-ability of these deposits. To verify the geology and quality of the coal, Percana SA commissioned local geologists to compile a technical report on the 1,000 hectares. Although the report yielded optimistic estimates of resources, reserves and economics, it does not meet public reporting standards.

Consequently, Aim commissioned Gustavson Associates (of Colorado, USA) to visit the site, and to recommend plans for commencing mining projects on the property. The visit occurred at the end of 2013, and the report thereof outlined a four-phased approach for obtaining an “Indicated & Measured” classification for the deposits, and for compiling a Preliminary Economic Assessment. Aim now has a 36-month operations plan that accounts for the steps recommended by Gustavson, while enabling the company to immediately commence the business of selling coal sourced from artisan miners on and around its property.

 Future Activities

Stage I of this plan will span months 1 – 18, and will involve two main elements. The first will be formalizing an agreement with the miners on Aim’s property. The agreement will require them to sell their output to Aim, restrict their mining activities to the current area, and impose specific safety standards. The Peruvian government has instructed these groups to formalize an agreement with Aim, or to vacate the property. The company also intends to secure sourcing contracts with artisan miners on other properties in the area. The second element will be to setup a depot in Otuzco, from where Aim will service domestic customers.

Stage II will span months 19 – 24 and will also entail two main initiatives. The first will be commissioning mines operated by Aim. These mines will be setup as drilling, exploration and mine plans are completed across different sections of the property. The second initiative will be to develop a supply chain from Otuzco to the Port of Salaverry, from where coal can be shipped to international customers in the Pacific region.

Stage III will span months 25 – 36 and will build on the preceding stages by focusing on increased volume and further market development.


Market Potential

Anthracite coal is a highly desirable resource with a variety of uses. It is primarily used in the manufacturing of steel, the production of cement, and the generation of electricity. 70% of the steel produced globally relies on coal (World Coal Association, 2013); 200kg of coal is required to produce one ton of cement (Van Oss, 2012); and 41% of global electricity production relies on coal (Clemente, 2012). Anthracite is the highest ranking coal because it is older and harder, contains more carbon, has lower moisture content, and burns hotter than any other type of coal. Comprising only 1% of global reserves, anthracite is also the cleanest burning fossil fuel on the planet (Cornerstone, 2013).

Aim intends to sell its output to domestic and international customers. From a domestic view, Peru imports about 90% of the coal that it consumes, which indicates a strong domestic demand (EIA, 2012). From an export view, the global steel industry is the primary driver of anthracite demand. China and India are expected to comprise 50.5% of this global demand in the short-term, which makes them the highest potential consumers of anthracite (World Steel Association, 2013). China stopped exporting anthracite in 2009 in order to meets its domestic needs. Aim’s strategic proximity to the Port of Salaverry (about 200km) will enable the company to service this significant Pacific market.

Competitive Advantage

Aim has a variety of advantages. The company has a team of technical experts on ground in Peru, and has also recruited advisors and directors who bring complementary skills to the venture. In terms of infrastructure, power lines run through Aim’s property, while a river runs adjacent to the site. The road network from the site to Otuzco can support 25-ton trucks. From Otuzco to Salaverry, the road is paved and well maintained, and can support up to 50-ton trucks. There are also accommodation facilities close to the property that can cater to Aim employees and contractors. Other distinct advantages are:

Competitive labour wages in Peru, and competitive storage and stevedoring costs at the port.The ability to extract deposits with minimal or no coal washing.

Aim will compete with small scale Peruvian miners, and two larger players: Vena Resources Inc. and Black Hill SAC. Given the size of the global market and the desirability of anthracite coal, the company does not anticipate that these firms will impede the success of this opportunity.

Start your DD now and as always, stay Brilliant !


Don’t forget to read my complete disclaimer at

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HOT ALERT: BizAuctions (Pinksheets: BZCN)

Good Evening,

Monday’s market has come to a close and with the latest midterm election underway, there couldn’t be a better time to introduce another up and comer in the SCORCHING HOT cannabis sector!

HOT ALERT:  BizAuctions (Pinksheets: BZCN)


The Company is in the process of redefining its business model and is exploring prospective business opportunities in the medical and recreational Cannabis industry in the State of Colorado, which have the potential of maximizing their efforts to deliver the highest return to shareholders.

Earlier this summer the company engaged Hoba & Feola, LLC, a law firm based in Denver to help provide legal advice in exploring various business opportunities that are available in the cannabis-marijuana industry within the State of Colorado.

 Read the full press release here…

Since the engagement of the two parties, BizAuctions recently executed a facilities and land lease agreement with NuGro Industries.  The Lease consists of twenty (20) acres of land with an option for additional acreage as needed, a State of the Art 7,500 sq. ft. Greenhouse and Operations/Head-House facility, and six (6) 1,800 sq. ft. outdoor Hoop Houses to accommodate 10,800 sq. ft. of summer grows. The Lease calls for NuGro Industries to provide all of the development costs for the site plans, site work, utilities, and structures.

The full terms of this agreement along with all of the companies latest developments can be found at, or by clicking this link: BizAuction’s News

Now for the nitty gritty on what has really peaked our interest, the technical breakout potential of the chart.

The following trend analysis report has been provided by Market Club:

 Smart Scan Chart Analysis is showing some near term weakness. However, this market remains in the confines of a longer term Uptrend with tight money management stops.

 The Trade Triangle are generated using a proprietary algorithm that is comprised of weighted factors that include, but are not limited to – price change, percentage change, moving averages, and new highs/lows.  The MarketClub trading strategy is based on the triangles.


MarketClub’s Trade Triangles analysis for BZCN:

  • The long term trend has been UP since Jun 16th, 2014 at 0.140000
  • The intermediate term trend has been UP since Sep 22nd, 2014 at 0.060000
  • The short term trend has been UP since Oct 23rd, 2014 at 0.061000

Smart Scan Analysis for BZCN:

Based on a pre-defined weighted trend formula for chart analysis, BZCN scored +70 on a scale from -100 (strong downtrend) to +100 (strong uptrend).

With BZCN entering a hot sector and showing favorable signs as a potentially easy winning trade opportunity, I am hoping that you take this time to continue your due diligence on the company as more updates and developments come to fruition.

Again the sector is hot and the chart is blazing so stay tuned for more.





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What are Penny Stocks ?

Nowadays, penny stocks have become one of the hottest investment vehicles. This is for many reasons. One of the main reasons is because for just a few hundred dollars you can start investing. Most penny stocks cost less than a dollar which lets you get considerable bang for your buck. Buying a stock on the major exchanges such as a large cap could cost you a fortune and for those just starting out in the market with little money, might be too expensive. You can also make a profit on a penny stock in a relatively short amount of time if you play your cards right.

In order to find the right penny stocks strategies have to come into play. For all its merits, investing in penny stocks can cost plenty of money in losses simply because of their volatile nature. These are risky stocks and you need to know this. Add in the fact that penny shares operate in an unregulated environment and you have more reasons to know about penny stock investment strategies. Penny stocks traded on the OTCBB and the Pink Sheets were things are not as regulated as the NYSE or the NASDAQ.

You will first have to start by doing research abot the issuing company and the stocks themselves. Sources of reliable information include the Internet, trade journals and even government agencies such as the SEC. You must take your time with this research as your money is at stake and you do not want to lose it.

Once you are assured that a penny stock is legitimate, you can then start applying some strategies. You will need the latest company financial statements from the balance sheet to the income statement and the cash flow report to be able to use these strategies. If you can find third party audited financial statements, then that is good too.

You should look at the following quantitative factors:

* Price-Earnings (PE) ratio calculated by dividing the quoted stock price with the earnings per share. It’s wise to choose the penny stocks with the highest ratios as the first stock filter.

* Price/Earnings/Growth (PEG) ratio computed by dividing the PE ratio by the projected growth rate in the next 3-5 years. In contrast, it is wise here to choose the ones with the lower PEG ratio below 1.

* An adequate cash flow and strong financial planning are also two very important criteria in choosing which penny stocks to invest in.

When you have determined that a penny stock has passed your qualitative criteria, it is time to buy the company and hopefully profit from it in the near future.

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