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FalconRidge (FROT) could be putting fracking out to pasture, bringing home staggering profits for early FROT investors

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a method of getting natural gas and oil out of shale formations. It’s been the backbone of America’s Oil Boom.

Without fracking, America loses any sense of energy independence. But a group named Environment America says fracking has produced enough toxic wastewater in one year to sink the entire city of Washington, D.C. to the bottom of a 22-foot deep lagoon.

Like it or not, fracking has become America’s most-hated hero.

Fracking can contaminate fresh water supplies— is credited with igniting earthquakes— and is gaining no new friends. Everyone, especially oil companies, are ripe for immediately embracing a viable alternative to fracking. And that’s why I’m excited about FalconRidge.

The company has a breakthrough oil and gas excavation technology (TST-3) that gives oil companies, local governments, environmentalists, and most of all, investors like us, everything we want:

•    More oil and gas than fracking
•    More oil and gas faster than fracking
•    More oil and gas from wells that last longer than fracked wells
•    More oil and gas from places fracking can’t reach
•    More oil and gas from dead wells
•    More oil and gas without risking the dangers of fracking

FROT – FalconRidge has the commercial rights on the patented 3rd generation terra slicing technology (TST-3). This is a bona-fide breakthrough !

As you read this, FalconRidge is bringing abandoned wells back to life, able to take a non-performing asset and restore capacity to the well of 60-80% of its orginal flow rate. This astounding capability is one reason oil companies should be eager to do business with the company.

Profit Now Off the Future of America’s Oil Boom

From here on out, oil companies looking to the future will have FalconRidge Oil Technologies in clear sight. FROT has the worldwide rights to market what the company calls TST-3— third generation terra slicing technology.

Terra slicing was invented and first used back in the early 1970s. But that first-generation version had unexpected limitations— it worked, but the tool itself was getting damaged and had to be replaced all the time3. The second-generation advancements took care of most of the problems, except TST-2 could only be used on vertical wells. It had some other limitations, too.

FROT’s TST-3 Is the Game Changer!

Now we have the future!
TST-3 produces more oil and gas than any other well-completion technology in existence, including the technology that put America on the oil-producing map, fracking. It works gangbusters in almost every kind of well ever drilled— vertically, horizontally, onshore and offshore.

Since FalconRidge holds the commercial rights to market this patented breakthrough technology, oil and gas companies have no choice but to do business with FalconRidge.

First , TST-3 brings dead wells back to life and the volume of orphaned oil TST-3 can recover could easily be greater than the volume of oil a newly drilled well might produce (TST-3 is a tiny fraction of the cost of drilling new wells, don’t forget

Second , the many thousands of modern fracked wells now in rapid decline can snap back 60% to 80% of original flow, again reducing the need to drill new wells

Third , TST-3 wells stay robust for years production does not dwindle because TST-3 recovers vast amounts of oil and gas even fracking wells can’t touch— extending America’s Oil Boom generations into the future.
Are you beginning to see why we love FalconRidge Oil Technologies?

TST-3 makes everyone happy! It’s a near miracle, to be honest. Oil companies. Washington. Environmentalists. And profit-seeking investors are all on the same page!

FROT looks like a monster winner no matter how you look at it.
•    FROT could be the most profitable investment in the entire energy sector right now, or any sector for that matter
•    FROT’s patented TST-3 is the key to extending America’s Oil Boom. Oil companies want what this advanced well-completion technology does
•    Oil companies save many millions of dollars because TST-3 reduces the need to drill new wells
•    TST-3 extends the life of wells in decline, and we now know that almost every one of today’s fracked wells declines rapidly within the first 12 months
•    TST-3 snaps dead wells back to life, which means America could soon be pumping with billions of barrels of orphaned oil
•    TST-3 revives production of under-performing wells up to 80% of original flow, giving America’s Oil Boom an instant shot in the arm and a long, healthy life
•    TST-3 works its magic on nearly every onshore, offshore, vertical and horizontal well ever drilled
•    Practically every single oil company with a well (dead or alive) is suddenly a potential source of revenue for FROT

Please visit FROT’s website :

Now are you beginning to see why I’m so excited about FROT!

Stay tuned for additional updates on FROT 

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