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Coming back from the holiday food fest is always tough and if you partook in the festivities then I sure hope your time with the family was joyful.


Now it is time to get back in the saddle and see what’s hot in the markets!


Recently, I profiled an alcoholic beverage vaporizing company that doubled in price in just a few days, and tonight I am introducing another trendy “vape” company making waves in the E – Cig industry.


Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more common as smokers convert from their tobacco vise to a more public friendly electronic version. More and more “Vape” shops are popping up offering e-cigs and their abundant accessories all over the place these days like corner stores.


Like all other trends or fads, whichever your prefer, one company is always competing to bring the newest and most innovative combination of a product to out do the rest.


So why not free-up one hand of those vape smoking and energy drink guzzlers by combining the two and offering an energy boosting electronic cigarette that is disposable! Now that’s catchy…



Wee-Cig International (Pink: WCIG)




Wee-Cig is in the business of designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality e-cigarettes and vaporizers which are self-branded using state-of-the-art electronic technology. The Wee-Cig products will allow consumers to vaporize dried herbs such as mullein, raspberry leaves, cat nip, and sage, these herbs can help to quit smoking, ease stress and even help inflamed or infected lungs.


There are an estimated 1.2 Billion smokers in the world and Wee-Cig looks to be a part of the movement of converting them to e-cig and vape users.


WCIG’s the Wee-E, a non-nicotine energy electronic cigarette is just one of their multiple products launched this year. In addition, the Wee-Cee product line includes:


  • Wee-C – a rechargeable vaporizer that can be used for dried herbs and concentrated oils.
  • Wee-T – a disposable 500 puff vaporizer.
  • Wee-E – a disposable 500 puff Energy-Cig with Vitamin C, Ginseng and Acai Berry featured in Blueberry and Orange Flavours.
  • Wee-N – a medical grade ceramic dab nail used for concentrates.


WCIG isn’t satisfied with being just another electronic cigarette provider in the trendy and fast growing vape industry. The company is looking to separate themselves from the competition by introducing innovative products that will push them to the head of their class!


Currently trading at just over 2 cents WCIG seems to offer plenty of room to grow, and based on the analysis from Barchart.com, short-term indicators are pointing in the right direction at these current prices.


Now is the time to put WCIG on your radar and start researching for yourself the potential of the company’s position in the fast growing vaporizing and electronic cigarette industry.


Be sure to review not only the company’s website, but you can also get their up to date financial reporting and security details by visiting OTCmarkets.com.


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